PPV Saving Project

There are more and more opportunities for manufactory to acquire Purchase Price Variance (PPV), Yang Ming is a reliable supplier to help our customers to fulfill this object.


PPV Saving Project Provided by Yang Ming Enterprise

Yang Ming provides cost-reducing services to our customers, with global network of suppliers and customers, Yang Ming consolidate the source together, therefore can purchase major electronic components at a pretty competitive price.

As we all know, the price and delivery efficiency from manufactory has important connection with the purchase volume. As one of the large stockiest supplier, Yang Ming consolidate the demand of our customers, to bid a quite low price and fast delivery from manufactory, sometimes even bid the special production schedule from manufactory.

With years of experience with global large EMS, Yang Ming successfully build a stable relationship with many customers, thus we can share the purchasing platform in some aspects for certain brands.

With strong finance support from our share holder, Yang Ming also provides VMI service to our customers to lessen their cash flow and warehouse pressure.