Shortage Solution

In fast moving electronic industry, changes in market conditions will lead to unexpected parts shortages, the production of factories are easily facing shortage problem, and risk on spot buy for hidden dangers of product qualities. Therefore, a reliable stock supplier is vital important to solve the shortage problem.

Shortage Solution Provided by Yang Ming Enterprise

With abundance networks and experience in industry, Yang Ming can provide timely stock market information, including manufactures, MPN, prices, RoHS standards, packaging information, ETD, ETA, etc..

With critical supplier auditing system, purchasing QC inspection as well as QC procedures standards of ISO9002 international certification, Yang Ming only deliver our customers critical quality control goods. .

With worldwide location, and diverse professional staff, Yang Ming service our customer at the base of “ 7 days – 24 hours”. We cooperate with Fedex/ UPS/ DHL to guarantee our timely and quality transportation.

As strategy partner of well know EMS companies, Yang Ming can cooperate with customers not only for diversity of goods such as Integrated Circuit, memory, passive components, connectors, but also cooperate with customers for diversity of way such as bunch buy service and third party free inspection service.